Casey Neistat calls it quits???

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Casey Neistat calls it quits???

Casey Neistat after 18 months of vlogging has decided to call it quits on daily posts.

Now, I saw this 3 weeks a ago when he posted the first video he said he was cancelling the vlog. A first I thought it was because he was hinting at some counseling with Candace and a couple videos before that had to do with “holding back” and “what’s most important”. After those videos he was travelling a lot more than usual and the daily content seemed to be lacking the heart that brought me to watch every single ┬ávideo on his channel. Yes, I have seen every single Casey Neistat video on YouTube.

What Casey brought to me was what (I’m sure) he brought to many others, he was interesting. He has a positive attitude on life in general, he tries to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Better than I ever could. He is a good father to Owen and Francine. I could go on all day. He has struggled though life like most of us and has come out on top. By that I don’t mean just money or YouTube stardom. He has genuine fans and opportunities that have come from him sharing his life and outlook on the world.

With that I am excited to see what else he can share with us again. So Casey I will be watching and rooting for you from your corner.


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