Hillary Clinton is horrible at defending herself

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Hillary Clinton just can not catch a break anywhere anymore.

Is this run for president going to expose all the crap she has been lying about?

I could only hope so. First of all I am not into politics or belong to a certain party. But the stuff this woman does all the time would have anyone else indicted and sent to jail already. More and more dirt keeps getting dug up on her and it has to catch up to her at sometime.

I’m picturing her actually winning this election and getting rolled out of the white house in cuffs in to a squad car.

But… we know that would never happen.

Anderson Cooper asked her about her Goldman Sachs money ($675,000 dollars worth) for speaking and if she thought she “had to be paid $675,000” and she plainly said “Well I don’t know, that’s what they offered”, LOL. She was caught off guard so bad she said right after that she “wasn’t committed to running” and that she had so much going on that she wasn’t sure, blah blah blah.

What does she have that is so important to say worth 3 speeches for that amount of money?

I want to hear the story of how she felt when her hubby Good Time Bill was “smoking cigars” with the intern. That would be a Lifetime movie I’d watch.

I guess she will keep on the campaign trail behind Ol’ Bern and just say what he said years ago and claim its her stance for years.


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