Are you ready for Deadpool???

Deadpool is coming February 12, Are you ready???

Growing up I didn’t have the luxury of having comics. I was forced to play outside all day. As I got older I had some friends making funny references to a character they called Deadpool. I couldn’ believe there was a comic hero that actually had a personality.

The guys that introduced me to him (no offense) couldn’t get laid with Ron Jeremy’s dick. Those guys destined for lonelyness you know who I’m referring to.

Girlfriend, I don't know that flavor of Mountain Dew

That guy.

So…. movie.

I personally don’t have anything againt Ryan Reynolds playing Deadpool but I don’t think I meet the qualifications to have an opinion as some the the interweb fans like this guy who started a discussion about it:

DeathpooltheT1000 –  “Ok, why i bring this one, i want to see how many people here is on the side of Deadpool, people that loves him and knows, Ryan is not Deadpool.

You know i like Ryan, but this “no one else cant act Deadpool” thing is pure crap and all of you know it.

Are you really a Deadpool fan or just a guy that likes Ryan Reynolds and for the same believe you are a deadpool Fan?”


Then later in the discussion this guy said:

Glitch_Spawn – “Ryan Reynolds can gargle my balls”

I guess if your into that.

I don’t think I’m interested enough to care, it’s a movie. Most movies are horrible today. Judging from the trailer I am excited to see something different from all the rest of the comic redos that are catered to children. I am already refusing to see another Spiderman. I used to love him as a kid but they have worn that whole brand down. I’m looking forward to the Deadpool release I mean when was the last time you seen a movie trailer for a comic that was NSFW???

Deadpool - NSFW

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